About Me

My name is Reece Wright and I am a Northumberland based freelance web designer, providing a variety of services related to custom websites including design, development and digital marketing.

My website building began about 10 years ago where I built a website for the company was working for and loved the entire process, over the coming years I only built a few more for friends. For the last 6 years I have been at a chemical plant in various software related roles and decided to start my own web design business. 

In my spare time I love watching and playing football, going to the gym and I am a bit of a gamer so end most evenings playing xbox with friends.

I am a huge fan of dogs, the bigger the better in my eyes, sadly the dog in the picture to the right isn’t mine.
Gladly, soon I will be adding a new member to my team to become a duo in the form of a german shepherd.
I’m sure he/she will definitely do their best to distract me from work (probably succeed for a quick cuddle).

Anyway, enough about me! Drop me a message or give me a call using the various methods on my website so we can discuss your project.


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